Here are just a few of my Top Recommendations of the very best products available to help you achieve your weight loss and longevity goals….

Are you serious about loosing weight fast and keeping it off? Then this is the product for you!

siseleanThis high-end protein fuels lean muscle growth and fat loss so you can look Fit and Fabulous! Not all protein powders are created equal. SiseLEAN utilizes Micellar casein bonded with calcium ions and whey protein concentrates (this means that they are natural, highly purified, and super filtered at low temperatures to save and concentrate the effective properties within them). They contain an exquisite array of highly potent natural peptides and polypeptides offering spectacular, unparalleled support for fat burning, lean tissue building, and appetite control. SiseLEAN tastes great too! “This protein shake actually speeds up fat loss – I recommend it to all of my clients” – Jackie

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symbiotropinOriginally formulated for physicians, Symbiotropin® was designed to help support the body’s endocrine (hormone) system. But, when word got out about its powerful support for protein synthesis, Symbiotropin quickly became the must-have performance supplement.* This HGH precursor helps baby boomers naturally raise their growth hormone levels to that of a younger person, thereby facilitating enhanced fat burning, muscle recovery, and sleep. “This is one of my favorite products; enhances your mood, helps deep sleep and muscle recovery” – Jackie

The Life Extension Foundation has a 27-year history of introducing cutting-edge therapies for extending life and preventing disease. In 2003, they reported on findings that resveratrol (a substance found in red grapes and other plants) extended the life span of certain cells by as much as 70%.

eternity resveratrolSince their initial report, resveratrol has continued to demonstrate extraordinary potential in prolonging life. In numerous studies—including those at BioMarker Pharmaceuticals, a Life Extension-sponsored research institution—resveratrol has demonstrated effects that include:

increased insulin sensitivity
lower blood sugar
enhanced mitochondrial energy production
improved motor function.

These are also key factors for achieving effective weight loss, so I recommend resveratrol for both it’s longevity and weight loss benefits. The most concentrated and bioactive form of resveratrol I have found is SISEL’s Eternity liquid resveratrol product. – Jackie CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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tsxTS-X is a blend of ancient knowledge rediscovered and intensified for modern health. Thousands of years ago, herbal practitioners in China and India knew a remarkable but different herb in each country had extraordinary life extending abilities. Within the last 5 years the active agents in those herbs have been discovered and extracted in sophisticated processes. The two unique Astragalus extracts are concentrated about 1,000 times through these special methods to bring the concept of Age Reversal from science fiction to reality. Bacopa, grown in India, contains two 80 to 1 ratio extracts possessing youth regenerating powers on a scale once thought impossible to do. In TS-X, these four (4) extracts from Asia are combined in a proprietary blend to support the human body with immense power to reverse aging. The 2009 Nobel Prize Winning discovery in telomere science indicates it is now possible to reset your biological age, literally reversing it as you live longer. TS-X is a highly purified, enriched and fortified blend, tested and validated in Sisels laboratories to meet the highest standards and levels needed for such a critical task as Age Reversal. See my comments on the Longevity page about “The Fountain of Youth” – this is the product I’m taking – Jackie CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Rated the Best Low Carb Bread by

smart carb breadIf you’re on a low carb diet, looking to maintain your weight or lose extra weight, then this bread is ideal for you. It only has 1 Net Carb per slice! Our Smart Carb bread was specifically designed to curb your appetite allowing you to take in less calories and carbs making this the perfect low carb diet bread. We have sold millions of loaves of this unique low carb formula making this the # 1 low carb bread in the country. Our Smart Carb bread has sprouted organic grains which increases the fiber and moisture of the bread allowing it to be easily digested. There is no other bread like it on the market. This low carb bread is simply perfect for taking in the proper amount of daily fiber and protein packing a powerful 12g of protein fiber per slice. Smart Carb bread is approved by all low carb diets. I have been personally using this product for about 6 months, tastes great and keeps you on your diet without cheating. – Jackie CLICK HERE TO ORDER

fucoydenFucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found mainly in various species of brown seaweed such as kombu, limu moui, bladderwrack, wakame, mozuku, and hijiki as well as the sea cucumber. Limu Moui is the world’s richest source of fucoidan and is found in the pristine waters of the South Pacific Island of Tonga and it’s health benefits are legendary among its people. It has already been cited in hundreds of research studies published the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database ( These studies suggest that fucoidan may just be the most exciting immune-supporting nutrient ever discovered. Fucoidon has powerful immune system enhancing abilities and regulates the immune system as an immune-modulator. It is also a cell-regenerator and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. My family and I take Fucoydon daily to boost the immune system and have seen a big difference in our overall health and ability to fight colds and sickness. -Jackie CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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