The Proper Mindset is important for healthy weight loss, longevity, success in business, and a healthy life…

Set Yourself Up for Success…

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How do you set yourself up for Success? How do you have an impact on your life and make it the best possible? What’s your thought life and thought processes. Do your thoughts wander in to your mind that you don’t want? Don’t ponder them, throw them out. Live your life on purpose. Jackie talks about some great topics and guidelines to have the success you are living for. To get the outcome you wish, you need a clear vision of what you want and have the right mindset. That’s where it all starts…


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We all know there are certainties in our lives like death and taxes but you can add one to that list and it is change. Change is something that is inevitable; you can fight it, you can try and resist it, but you can’t stop it. The wonderful part about change is that you can control the outcome by your attitude. Accept – Evolve – Adapt. Your success depends on how well you can adapt to change.


Fear & Failure

Fear and Failure(click to listen)

kittenListen in on this mid-week Mindset call with Jackie Christiansen as she gives tips and advice on how to overcome root obstacles in your life:

What are your fears and what is holding you back? Listen in to learn about how you have the power to change from a state of fear or failure. You can make the decision to turn and move forward tapping into what you want out of life by living your true potential. What do you envision your future to be like? You have been created uniquely – there is only one you and your potential is unlimited…

The Importance of Self Esteem

self esteem“Self-pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world.”

– Helen Keller

Millions of Americans suffer from low self esteem, and you may find it difficult to get out of your rut for a number of reasons. The biggest factor in self esteem comes from our youth experiences, whether positive or negative. For many people, self esteem can be achieved by simply reading a self-help book or starting a new hobby. However, others may have already fallen to depression, gang involvement, substance abuse, obesity, or illness and may need to complete a specialized treatment program to strengthen their confidence and find meaning in life.

Keep those Blessings Coming

blessingsListen to Keep those Blessings Coming!

Did you know that what you put out is what you receive? The law of gratitude is the great multiplier. The secret of receiving the circumstances, things and people you want in your life is about being grateful. Think about what you focus your thoughts on and also feel the gratitude for the things you love in your life. Be grateful for your past events and accomplishments, be grateful for the present and be grateful for the future as if you’ve already received it. Believe in it, work on it and you will receive it. Life happens to us all, what is important is how we respond to it.

Millionaire Mindset

success mindset Millionaire Mindset

What is a Millionaire Mindset? What things have an impact on the success in your life? Change your life with the way you think. You are using the Law of Attraction everyday, whether you know it or not. Create the life you want by purposely designing your life by controlling your thoughts and deciding what you want out of life. You will never feel like what you need to do – so you need to do it anyway. Your future begins now, so what are you committed to? Have a “no matter what” attitude…

Your Millionaire opportunity: