Why IS Personal Development Important?

personal developmentThree Reasons Why Personal Development is So Important

1. Personal development directs your attention to important things  – Day to day life can be distracting. Personal Development can help direct your attention back to what is important. For instance, personal development reminds you of the universal and timeless principles that can guide your life for the better.

2. Personal development increases your capacity – Not only does personal development direct your attention to what are important, it also helps you increase your capacity in those things. You have certain capacity to handle different kinds of challenges in your life and you can only handle challenges that lie within your current limit of ability. Personal development is a way to increase your limit so that you can handle more difficult challenges.

3. Personal development connects you with positive people – When you focus on something, you tend to find things that are related to it. Begin focusing your energy on the benefits of personal development and you will begin to associate with like minded people.

“Personal Development” means focusing on the following areas:

  • Self-awareness: What traits did you inherit from your parents? How have your experiences shaped who you are today? Where have you come from? Where are you going?
  • Natural strengths & talents: What subject matters are easiest for you to understand? Which tasks are easiest for you to do? Throughout school, where have you consistently demonstrated aptitude?
  • Potential: Are you working your hardest at work, at relationships, as parent, as pet owner, as boss, or as friend? Is there room for improvement in your words or your actions?
  • Employability: Do you honestly view yourself as employable? Are you educated? Are you well-dressed? Are you always on-time? Do you stick with it or bail when the going gets tough? Do you have a positive attitude?
  • Quality of Life: Is your home clean? Do you have enough food and basic provisions to be happy? Are you managing your money properly? Are you generally free from stress? Do you take time for yourself, free from work or other pressing obligations?
  • Aspirations: Did you do what you set out to do? Are there New Year’s resolutions or goals you have yet to meet? When you were young, what did you want most in life?
  • Personal Autonomy: Do you have your source of finances? Did you start the business you’ve always wanted to start? Do you have control over your schedule?
  • Plans: Do you have short term and long term goals for your personal development? If you’re unhappy about something in life, do you have a plan of action for change?
  • Social Abilities: Do you have enough friends? Are they quality friends? Do you spend enough time “out with the boys” or “out with the girls”? Do you connect with coworkers?

Personal development may involve weight loss, quitting smoking, becoming more physically fit, learning a new skill, learning to meditate, practicing yoga, going back to school, learning to control one’s emotions, starting a new enterprise, speaking with a psychotherapist, or reading an inspirational book.

Commit to a personal development routine daily and you will begin to flourish! Small changes like reading this blog right now are the kinds of positive alterations that you can start doing TODAY!!


PS – I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the different ways you incorporate personal development into your life…..leave a comment.